How to move and configure Prestashop from online to your local server

Websites have  become now a common way of expressing the existence and stamping our foot on the vast  flourishing network world  .  Many business ventures are circulated and sustained through superbly designed websites. Development of websites and its design embedding is now not at all a difficult task to be completed unless you aquire the root ideas of it . 

As you guys already  know , Prestahop , an open free source e-commerce solution  written in the server –side language  PHP, is one of the most widely used Content Management System (CMS)  utility which deals with online store and payment maintenance .  This PHP creation is helping currently the PayPal, Google Checkouts etc  and other  online megastores across the globe.

Normally , before hosting the website files in the network server , we prefer to host it in our localhost server  on our computer like XAMPP etc  and try , checks & modifies the various scripting codes  till we get our wished modification or development for our website . Then the modified files are transferred & hosted in the network server  so that world could see our website . 

Many website developers  , using Prestashop , is always reaching  in a difficult state  when they were about to modify or develop the website using localhost server on their computer  since they are not aware of some simple steps to be executed . Here we are explaining thoroughly how to transfer and setup  the website  files from your network server  to your localhost on computer .  For that you need to carefully undergo the simple steps we are showing below . 

Go through these  steps and   happy developing your fantastic website !!! 

Instuctions :

1. Login to  your own localhost (XAMPP etc . )

2. Take file manager and navigate to the folder where Prestashop is installed (If it is installed in the main directory itself, navigate to your public html folder)

3. Select all the files and download as ZIP (if it contains backup files, temp files. cache etc, you can omit them)

4. Go to phpMyAdmin and download a Backup of the Database of the store (Export in custom method and change syntax of inserting data as in the screenshot)

5. Extract the downloaded zip to a folder in htdocs of your local server. Let it be my_store as an example. Now, your store will be on http://localhost/my_store

6. Start Apache Server and MySql and go to phpMyAdmin (Most probably on http://localhost/phpmyadmin)

7. Create a new Database (same name as in the server preferred) And import the SQL which you exported in step 4

8. After importing, go to the shop_url table (Remember the prefix, most probably this must be ps_shop_url)

9. Now Enter the values as in the screenshot corresponding to your store's table.

10. Now We need to setup Database connection. go to your_store/config and open the in a text editor

11. Edit the Database name, server,user and password to your local server (refer screenshot) and save it.

10. That's it. Now, go to http://localhost/your_store to check whether everything is working fine.

Jayadeep K M

Hi. I'm a hacker, web developer and programmer, Inspired to find loopholes, fix broken things and make things work better.

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