Nacked domain not redirecting (WWW not working) - bug fix for Blogger

When you bought a custom domain for your blogger blog and setup, this is one of the bugs that you encounter at first. ie, if your domain is and if you enter, it shows a not found error. Obviously most of the users may be trying to enter your site by entering which shows the error and thus your traffic gets reduced.

Recently, I noticed a dramatic decrease in my blogs traffic (>50% loss) and when I tried to figure out the problem,  it was this nacked domain redirection problem. That caused me a huge loss in traffic and took some time to fix. Looks like a bug with blogger is causing the error. Anyway, I have found the solution and sharing with you. Read below.

1. Blogger Publishing settings fix

If the a records in the hosting is correct, the problem will be with the blogger settings. So, a simple change in the blog settings will fix the problem. Do as shown below.

1. Open blogger and go to Settings -basic corresponding to your blog

2 .Go to Publishing Tab

3. Tick Redirect to and click SAVE

Normally this would fix the problem. But sometimes (bug with blogger, I think) even if tick the box and save, when you check again it will be unchecked. I have seen this problem in 3 of my blogs.
In that case, Try the next solution.

2. Domain DNS Settings Fix

If the first fix is not working, try this one.

1. Go to your Domain hosting account and Select DNS settings

2. Go to a records and if you have added any records pointing to IP addresses given below, REMOVE it

3. Save it and Go to Domain forwarding tab

4. Make changes as the screenshot and save

Now your problems will be fixed. If problem persists, Comment below and I'll try to help you.

Note: I'm hosting on bigrock and the screenshots given are from bigrock. If your provider is different, settings may vary slightly

Jayadeep K M

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