Get free high Quality Dofollow backlinks (PR 7 - 9) to your Blog / Site

For a blog or site,  backlinks very important to build high reputation and traffic. Also, it is the main contributor to google's algorithm for calculating Page rank of your site. In the case of backlinks, it doesn't matter how much backlink you have if all of them are of PR 0. So, Here Quality has more preference than quantity. There are so many online sites which
you are already familiar with which can provide high PR backlinks, but you may haven't noticed that. For example, how many of
you know that Google Plus can provide PR9 Links for free? Most of the links on google plus are nofollow links. But there are some which provides dofollow links. Here, I've made a small list of such sites which can give high PR backlinks. Read them below.

1. Google Plus (PR9)

Yes! That's the first and most important one. Everybody has a google account (or atleast 99% of internet users, I suppose! ). Then why don't you submit your link to google plus profile? Begin with this

  • Go to your google plus page and go to about tab
  • Scroll down and edit the links section. They are the dofollow backlinks, All rest are nofollow. So, no need to waste time on it.
  • Submit your link and save it

Another free service of google! There is no need of an introduction to youtube. It is the largest video sharing service. Youtube also provides dofollow and nofollow backlinks. It is very easy to get a backlink from youtube.
  • Go to your youtube account
  • Go to Channel Setting -> Advanced
  • There is an option called 'associated website'. Add your URL there to get free high PR backlink

When somebody told me about pinterest, I have totally ignored it in the beginning. But you see,It is of PR 9 ! Actually I was stunned to see the growth of pinterest these days. The links you submit to pinterest is nofollow. But still as it is PR9, it can improve your alexa rank considerably. Also it has great impact on search engine's visibility. It is very simple. Just put your link in a pin and submit. Do this everytime you writes an article on your blog. 

Technorati is a famous blog directory. The backlinks from technorati has high quality. To add your blog to technorati, they will have to review your blog. It takes some time ( usually 24-72 hrs). just signup and submit your blog.

5. Mozilla (PR9)

Go to Mozilla and Signup as an addon developer. Then submit your link in the profile page to get high quality PR8 Backlink for free! It takes less than 5 minutes for signing up

6. Opera (PR8)

Similar to Mozilla. Just signup and provide your link to get a PR8 backlink within 5 minutes!

7. TED (PR9)

TED is a famous site where a lot of Tech and Non-Tech talks are posted every day. From TED you can get a free PR9 which is of high quality.
To get the backlink,

  • GO to and register
  • After confirming your account, go to profiles page
  • Add your URL to  the 'WEBSITE' tab
  • Done! It is easy as 1-2-3.

There are a lot more sites which can provide free High PR backlinks. Just google to find out them. I'm a providing a list of some more:
Also this blog's comments are dofollow! leave your suggestions below!

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