Download NMDVPN: Best free VPN

VPN (virtual private network) is used to ensure complete anonymity for your online service. It is far
secure than normal way of connecting to internet. The main advantage of using VPN over using a proxy is that most of the proxies support http connections only. But VPN will support almost all type of protocols, including torrent! While running VPN client in the background, you can use Internet just as before. Al high speed access than Proxy. But the problem is that most VPN clients are not free. Here, I'm posting about a free VPN client which can be used to connect with any VPN config files. Just read below.

Why use NMD Vpn?
  • Easy to Use GUI
  • It is Freeware
  • Config Files can be used to connect to vpn
  • Bettter and faster than OpenVPN
  • Safe and Secure
  • No Disconnection problems
You can Download NMDVPN from:
   DatafileHost: Download
   Google Sites: Download

Instructions of use
  1. Install NMD VPN
  2. Click Yes when asked to install Tap drivers
  3. You need to signup for any VPN service to use in NMDVPN and copy the config files to C:/program files/NMDVPN/config
  4. Open NMDVPN Gui and click connect to connect to VPN
  5. Now you are connected! Use and Enjoy!!!

Jayadeep K M

Hi. I'm a hacker, web developer and programmer, Inspired to find loopholes, fix broken things and make things work better.

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