Why your Adsense earnings from blogs are too low [Low CPC or CTR]

This is one of the main problem many blogger faces in the beginning. Some of my friends (who are new to blogging) asked me this question. Some users have very high pageviews but low earnings. For some, Low CPC may be the problem and for some low CTR is the problem. After reading this short tutorial I promise you that if you follow my instructions correctly, you can improve your earnings a lot. These tips are from my own experience. So, I'm sure that it will help you. just start reading...
First, you must understand what is your actual problem. If you have not done this before, go to Adsense and check all stats, performance reports etc. From this you may have understand the reason for low earnings. (For me, it was low cpc). Now we can discuss about it more.
Low CPC?
CPC means cost per click. It is the average earnings you got for 1 click. it varies from 0.01$ to more than 150$!. If you got 10$ for 5 clicks, your cpc is 2$. CPC is directly related to your content. Adsense is too smart and they gives most suitable ads for you according to your post and overall blog. From my experience, I'm saying that PLEASE don't waste your time on blogging about hacking, cracking etc. Actually in most cases Adsense won't approve for them or they will have a very low CPC (most times, below 0.05$). If you have already read my previous articles, I have told about my another blog called Hacking Palace in which I writes about hacking articles. I'm very sad to say that it has more than 3000 pageviews but CPC is almost 0.01-0.05$ only. But for this blog, even though pageviews is low, I'm getting over 0.30 for single click. See the difference!. Also If you are posting about free free and free, your earnings will be too low. Because your adsense ads will be also related to that FREE content and no publisher will pay more to a FREE thing. Right?. Also avoid Copy-paste articles. Unique and rare posts will get good CPC. Onw more thing, Also avoid confusing tricks to increase CPC. If you add ads floating near images or between some other links, your CTR will go high. But adsense is smart and they will detect it and decrease CPC. Then you must take care of the ad type also. An image/Rich media ad will have more CTR, but its CPC is very very low. When I reviewed my earnings of last month, I have noticed that I got only 1/7 times the Clicks for Text ads compared to image ads. But, earnings are almost same from both! That means Text ads pays almost 7 times the rich media Ads. I Recommends the large Rectangle text ads.

Low CTR?

CTR means click through rate. It gives the information about the readers interest towards the ads. It show how many clicks are there for 100 impressions of Ad views. Say, if you got 5 clicks from 200 pageviews, your CTR is 5/200= 2.5%. That means you will get 2.5 clicks for every 100 views. Use the following formula to get an average idea of how much you earns.
Earnings =  Pageviews*Ctr*CPC (average)
Low CTR has many reasons. One of the main reason is the Ad type. I have already said that, image ads have high CTR. Anyway, try yourself and experiment with ads. Select the suitable combination for your blog. Dont forget to experiment with the ad colors and sizes too.
Another main reason is the ad placement. From my experience, The large rectangle ad inside the Post body pays me lot than any other (almost more than 90% of my total earnings). So, I recommends you to do so.

You can view my previous post:

Also the main header ad is not so bad. For me, Adsense for search does me almost nothing. SO, I have removed them. This is my case. You can try it with your blog. Also, Try Adsense for feeds. It will increase your earnings 1% to 5% (depending on your subscribers).
Atleast check your stats once in a week. You must understand about the interests of the readers. Know about Country wise impressions, CTR etc and thus can improve your earnings much.

I think these simple tips can help you much. if you think this article which I took almost 2 Hours to complete has helped even a little, Subscribe to our Feedburner Email list to get regular updates.

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