Top 3 reasons for why your blog Pageviews (traffic) are getting lowered

Everybody starts blogging with a lot of dreams. Most of them will think that we just make some posts and blog will get a lots of page views and earnings (I also thought so in the beginning!). And 90% of them stops blogging after hard work of 2-3 months. But what will happen if you post regularly and your pageviews are still going down? That will make you really sad. I had a similar experience with my other blog named Hacking Palace in which I was writing about Hacking Articles. Actually I was a passionate in Hacking before turned to Blogging. I have created that blog just one or two months ago. It got about 3000 Pageviews/day in just 20 days of starting the blog. I was so happy and also my earnings got up. But that happiness doesn't last too long. Just within 2 days, pageviews started decreasing. Within just one week it was decreased to 1000 and even below 1000!. What a pity! At that instant I checked the blog again and found the mistakes that I had in that blog. I analyzed it completely and made some tweaks in it. Then it started to fly like a rocket. Now it's daily pageviews is 5000/  day!. You can also do like that. Just read below and understand what is your problem..

1. No Unique content
   When I was checking some forums, I saw a comment about a site. That site was related to technological news, softwares etc. It's admin says that he is writing so many posts, but still pageviews is not exceeding 10/day. So, I analyzed his site and got the reasons. I just checked the archieve. That blog has over 100 posts. All were good posts. Good style of writing, grammar etc. But the actual problem is the content is not unique. He had posted about "Galaxy S3 launched", "Download UC Browser 8." etc. For a new blog to grow, unique content is so important. There are lots of websites with high page ranks which have same topic (and even similar title too). So whenever a user search for that topic, He/she will see high PR sites and goes there. And most times, they may be satisfied with that. As you know, search engine traffic is the backbone of your blog. No matter you have millions of pageviews from Digg, StumbleUpon, Facebook etc. you blog's growth and earnings actually depends on organic traffic that comes from search engines. So, create unique content and increase your search engine traffic.

2. Less posting and looking at stats daily

There are some users who post articles very less (once in a week or less) and checks stats daily. And thinks why my pageviews are going down? This thinks is absolutely wrong. First go and post some articles. It is better to make a schedule and post articles at usual intervals (better to post everyday in a fixed time). And I recommend to not to look at stats daily. It will decrease your confidence if pageviews went down. So, check stats only once in a week. That's also about earnings. Don't check earnings daily, check once in week only. So, post daily and look at stats once in a week.

3. Copy + Paste

This is the most terrible one. If you are a real blogger, you may have know the difficulty of creating a unique post. Let me say, I have spent near one and half an hour for competing these much of the post. What will be my feelings if somebody copies the content and publish it with his name. I'm not sharing my feelings here. I'm talking about the traffic right?. Google are not stupids. If you simply copy contents from another site, you will gain some good traffic for a while, but after some time. your traffic will go down and down. Yes! Google will even ban your adsense account for this reason. So be careful. I'm not threatening you, just making you understand the thing. It is my experience. Let me say frankly, The first blog i had is a technology and hacking related blog named cooltrickzone (that  doesn't exists now). I was just started that time and I was a geek. I just gained almost 200 pageviews per day in 4-5 months. I had 70 posts at that time. To get greater traffic, I started copying contents and my post collection reached 120. Pageviews grown rapidly. It became near to 1000. But it didn't last so long. Within some days, My PR dropped from 1 to 0 and my Pageviews dropped down under 100!. So, don't be like that. Make your own posts. No matter how many grammar and technical mistakes it have. (you may have noticed my grammar mistakes in this blog. I'm too weak in English. i got just 45 marks out of 80 in my last English exam in my school!). So do as I said and I'm sure that you will get high traffic

I think that's enough for increasing the pageviews. I'm sorry if I missed any main points. Please comment if this article helped you.

Jayadeep K M

Hi. I'm a hacker, web developer and programmer, Inspired to find loopholes, fix broken things and make things work better.

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