How to optimize your Blog to make it load faster - Tips

Blog load time is one of the crucial things that directly influences tour Traffic. It also affects your bounce rate and average time spend by each people on your site. (These details can be get from Google Analytics). So We can say that if your Web page takes too much time to load, your earnings will be also lowered. Today, everyone are faster. Everybody want websites to be loaded in seconds. No one want to wait a long time for a web page to be loaded. So if your blog is slow, most of the users will come back. Thus bounce rate increases. It depends on a number of factors. If your blog contains a lot of JS widgets, Images media and such things, your load time will go up. Here I've explained every bit of details that influences the page load time. Also included some great tips that can make your blog load faster. I'm sure that these tips can help you a lot.
First, use one of the services like Stopwatch to test your site load time

Images and Media
Using images and media can make your site very attractive. if you are giving importance to Performance, and not style, you can follow one of the tips below.
  1. Try to decrease the number of Images and Videos in a page
  2. Decrease the size of images either by changing format or resolution
  3. Upload all of your images to a single server, say Picasa web. Don't upload in multiple sites.
No. of posts and Widgets
In Blogger, there is an option to specify the no. of Posts that to be displayed on the main page. It is better to keep it as 5 or 6. If you increase it much, your page will become more slower. Also, don't add too many widgets to Blog. It will affect your Page load time much.

Javascript/CSS/ other Codes
 Don't use so much codes in your template. For example, Some users have the habbit to add lots of advertisements to a single page. They thinks that it will increase click through rate. Actually it don't. Instead, it discourages the visitors and your bounce rate increases and cpc decreases. Anyway, It will much affect your blog load time. So try to decrease it as you can. Don't add too much styles and effects. For Us, visitors are more important than page style. Isn't it?

I think These simple posts have helped you a lot. Anyway, it changed my loading time from 3.11 sec to 2.49sec (tested in 3G, 2500mbps). Please comment if you have any feedbacks.

Jayadeep K M

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