Download best Blogging clients for your Android Smartphone [REVIEW]; Post on the go!

Now why waste your time? You can make posts to your blogs while you are on travel, tour or almost everywhere. You just need is an android smartphone. Here is the complete list of all major Blogigng clients for Android phones with (review and rating). It includes Blogger, Wordpress, Tumbir and most of the blogging platforms. You can also download your favorite client from here (Google Play Link). Most of this supports saving posts to Phones as drafts to edit later. You can also add rich medias like Images and Videos. You can even embed youtube Videos!. Some clients supports direct image from Camera. And there is also some apps which supports all major HTML and CSS tags!. That means Mobile posts look exactly as like you post from PC. There is an option to save post as draft on Blogger so that you can edit it from PC later and publish.
Blogging Clients for Android
1. Blogger (official client)
    This is the official Blogger client from google. Looks good. It has some good features like Anchor text, Image, Video etc. But unfortunately there is no way to add JS/CSS codes. It has not much features which some 3rd party apps have. Still not bad.

2. WordPress (Official Client)
     Has been improving slowly and steadily since it first debuted in the Android Market.  While it might not be the ideal experience to do a lot of blogging, it's great for creating drafts and/or editing work done by others.  With no visual editor, it does rely on knowledge of basic HTML/PHP/CSS coding.  We'd love to see a tablet friendly version that takes advantage of fragments.

3. Posterous (Official Client)
    Post to your personal, public site or private groups with this sharp looking application.  No frills or clutter to get in the way of sharing your thoughts whenever inspiration strikes.

4. Tumblr (Official Client)
    Simple application for a simple and straightforward blogging . Clean and easy to post text, quotes, links, pictures, etc. Still has no rich features, but good.

5. AnyPost
    Simple micro blogging app. Pretty interface and features are not very less.  Toss a photo or geo-location in and spice up your words. Anyway I like it.

6. Pixelpipe
    It has blogging support for more than 75 services like Blogger, Tumbir, Wordpress etc..  Also supports other tools and services such as Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Blogger, Twitter, Foursquare, and Dropbox.

7. Moby
    Supports almost a dozen of blogging services.Also Supports big players like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

8. bloggeroid
    I like this app very much. It has a very good support for various HTML codes like <a>, <b>, <i> and much more. Above all it is free Software!

9. BlogAway
   Another good free App. It has many features. Supports saving drafts to phone and server. Upload photos, videos etc. You can add a variety of styles to text. Supports many services like Blogger and wordpress.

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