How to Remove/Hide Blogger blogspot navbar from blogs with simple css

A blogger navbar is a navigation bar which is seen on the top of every blog. it has many useful links like "Next Blog" which picks a random blog to go, you account option and a sign out button. Even though it is useful for everyone, some users may not find it useful. Actually, blog looks unprofessional if it has a navbar. That's why everyone is trying to remove it. The blogger navbar can be easily removed by a simple css hack.

Please note that according to google terms and conditions, when your blog is hosted under, this is illegal. But, even though it works. i have also removed it. Just follow the steps below to remove blogger navbar

First, go to Blogger Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML

Click on Expand Widgets 

Now, search in the Html for the following code
Now add the following code just above it
#navbar {
 height: 0px;
 visibility: hidden;
 display: none;

Done! .Now save the template and see the results

Jayadeep K M

Hi. I'm a hacker, web developer and programmer, Inspired to find loopholes, fix broken things and make things work better.

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