Oct 23, 2014

Importance of Meta tag in HTML

An HTML beginner always come to a  difficulty to understand about the  meta tag . Many HTML developers could design web pages superbly but still they just miss this important tag structure as they thinks it is of no use we could just cop
y or leave it as such. The true fact is that , this tag plays a major role in telling search engines what specifically your site deals with . But when coded incorrectly this tag could make your site desperate enough.

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How to move and configure Prestashop from online to your local server

Websites have  become now a common way of expressing the existence and stamping our foot on the vast  flourishing network world  .  Many business ventures are circulated and sustained through superbly designed websites. Development of websites and its design embedding is now not at all a difficult task to be completed unless you aquire the root ideas of it . 

As you guys already  know , Prestahop , an open free source e-commerce solution  written in the server –side language  PHP, is one of the most widely used Content Management System (CMS)  utility which deals with online store and payment maintenance .  This PHP creation is helping currently the PayPal, Google Checkouts etc  and other  online megastores across the globe.

Normally , before hosting the website files in the network server , we prefer to host it in our localhost server  on our computer like XAMPP etc  and try , checks & modifies the various scripting codes  till we get our wished modification or development for our website . Then the modified files are transferred & hosted in the network server  so that world could see our website . 

Many website developers  , using Prestashop , is always reaching  in a difficult state  when they were about to modify or develop the website using localhost server on their computer  since they are not aware of some simple steps to be executed . Here we are explaining thoroughly how to transfer and setup  the website  files from your network server  to your localhost on computer .  For that you need to carefully undergo the simple steps we are showing below . 

Go through these  steps and   happy developing your fantastic website !!! 

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Jun 23, 2014

Atomic Email Service Review – Beginner's Secret Weapon to Successful Email Marketing

You keep hearing that email marketing is essential for your business.
Yes, it is absolutely vital. And yes, it does have the highest return on investment – almost $40 for every $1 spent.
But you are too hesitant to start building an e-mail list.
The main problem is that the mere idea of building an e-mail list, properly managing it and bearing its monthly costs can be a bit too daunting for beginners.
The result?
Your business and marketing campaign never takes off.
I have tried lots of e-mail marketing software, but I believe that the Atomic Email Service is every beginner’s secret weapon to e-mail marketing success.
Let’s take a look at how Atomic Email Service can solve many problems that every newbie internet marketer or businessman faces.
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May 23, 2014

Nacked domain not redirecting (WWW not working) - bug fix for Blogger

When you bought a custom domain for your blogger blog and setup, this is one of the bugs that you encounter at first. ie, if your domain is www.example.com and if you enter http://example.com, it shows a not found error. Obviously most of the users may be trying to enter your site by entering example.com which shows the error and thus your traffic gets reduced.

Recently, I noticed a dramatic decrease in my blogs traffic (>50% loss) and when I tried to figure out the problem,  it was this nacked domain redirection problem. That caused me a huge loss in traffic and took some time to fix. Looks like a bug with blogger is causing the error. Anyway, I have found the solution and sharing with you. Read below.

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Apr 5, 2014

Get free high Quality Dofollow backlinks (PR 7 - 9) to your Blog / Site

For a blog or site,  backlinks very important to build high reputation and traffic. Also, it is the main contributor to google's algorithm for calculating Page rank of your site. In the case of backlinks, it doesn't matter how much backlink you have if all of them are of PR 0. So, Here Quality has more preference than quantity. There are so many online sites which
you are already familiar with which can provide high PR backlinks, but you may haven't noticed that. For example, how many of
you know that Google Plus can provide PR9 Links for free? Most of the links on google plus are nofollow links. But there are some which provides dofollow links. Here, I've made a small list of such sites which can give high PR backlinks. Read them below.

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Jul 7, 2013

Download NMDVPN: Best free VPN

VPN (virtual private network) is used to ensure complete anonymity for your online service. It is far
secure than normal way of connecting to internet. The main advantage of using VPN over using a proxy is that most of the proxies support http connections only. But VPN will support almost all type of protocols, including torrent! While running VPN client in the background, you can use Internet just as before. Al high speed access than Proxy. But the problem is that most VPN clients are not free. Here, I'm posting about a free VPN client which can be used to connect with any VPN config files. Just read below.
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Jul 5, 2013

How to Download Youtube and other Web Videos Easily (using IDM)

There are millions of people Searching on the Web to find a way to Download videos from sites like Youtube, Metacafe and similar sites. Even though there are some sites, like saveyoutube which claims that you can download videos though their site, actually it won't works most time and also it is terribly slow. So, I'm here with a solution with this. Here, I'll show you how to download videos using popular download manager, Internet Download Manager. Some users may have heard about that already. Still, I'm posting this because many users have requested me to post a tutorial on this. I've also added screen shots. Just read below.

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